with a balanced approach to natural healthcare.

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Hudson Integrative Health is a natural health clinic serving Vancouver WA. We are a natural health clinic in Battle Ground WA. Dr. Eli Hudson is a naturopath or a natural doctor. As a natural health practitioner, he specializes in natural medicine, integrative medicine, prolotherapy, iv therapy, and prp. Dr. Hudson is also a chiropractor.


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You are more than the sum of your symptoms

“I realize that you are more than just the sum of your symptoms. In my role as a natural healthcare practitioner, I take an integrative approach by balancing modern and natural medicine + chiropractic. My goal is to understand you as a whole and to help you uncover and strengthen your body’s natural healing process. In my natural health clinic, I always reach for the most non-invasive and least toxic treatments available first.”

–  Dr. Eli Hudson, ND, DC


or call: (360) 926-0026