Dr. Eli Hudson is a naturopath in Battle Ground, WA. As a naturopathic doctor near me, he provides a holistic and balanced approach to natural medicine and alternative medicine.


Dr. Eli Hudson • Naturopath • Battle Ground, WA




Have You Struggled to Find The Right Doctor?

Do you need a prescribing doctor AND an expert in natural medicine?

Are you ready to get more out of your doctor-patient relationship?

Has the conventional medical system let you down?

Are you still searching for a better way?

Do rushed office visits make you want to scream?

Is now the time to find an alternative?

Dr. Hudson Offers Integrative Treatments for:



Autoimmune Diseases

Cancer Support

Chronic Fatigue

Crohn's Disease




Food Sensitivities

Headaches & Migraines

High Blood Pressure

Low Libido

Parkinson's Disease

Prostate Problems

Thyroid Imbalance

Weight Management


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What Our Patients are Saying

Dana T.
After dealing with major respiratory issues for almost a year and a half with 2 trips to Urgent Care and trying only western medicine with poor results, I set out to find an alternative approach. Within 1 week I felt actual relief and it has continued. It is wonderful to have someone looking at the cause of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms.
Clarity G.
You will be well taken care of at Dr. Hudson’s. They truly care about your well being. I am blessed to have found them. ❤️
Connie B.
Dr. Eli is ethical, intuitive and genuine! He went above and beyond the call of duty for one of our family members in a health crisis, and we will ever be thankful to him and his staff! TOP NOTCH! I recommend 100%. He has a healers heart and gift.
Amy S.
Dr. Hudson is attentive and truly works hard to get to the root of your problems/issues and offers holistic and natural remedies to heal your body's aliments instead of more mainstream "Western" medicine approaches that aren't always effective.

Every person is different. Individual results may vary.

Portrait of Dr. Eli Hudson, Naturopathic Doctor Battle Ground WA

“More and more people are getting tired of dealing with the traditional medical system. Many have had bad experiences. They wait forever, then get rushed out the door. They haven’t found a solution that works and they’re still feeling terrible. That’s why I have opened the kind of medical office I feel the world needs right now.”

–  Dr. Eli Hudson, Naturopathic Doctor & Chiropractor

Have a question? Give us a call. (360) 926-0026

How is Hudson Integrative Health so Different?

Prioritization of natural medicine & alternative medicine

Integration of pharmaceuticals when appropriate and necessary

Care Guided by Naturopathic Principles

Kind, compassionate care

Friendly, reliable service

On-time appointments

No-rush office visits

No surprise bills

Prescriptions and outside labs ordered without a hitch

Lab draws & basic tests performed in-house

What's not to love?

Naturopathic Consultations for New Patients

Your Investment in Health

These rates reflect the 25% discount offered when invoices are paid in full at the time of service.

Brief Visit
$9515-Minute Office VisitFor New Patients
Evaluation of 1 Acute Health Probleme.g. cough, sore throat, ear ache, etc.
Immediate Treatment
Referral if Necessary
Comprehensive Visit
$370 UP TO 2-HOUR OFFICE VISITFor New Patients
Eval. of 1-2 Complex Health Concerns w/ ComplicationsOR Comprehensive Annual Checkup (Preventive Care)
Complete Health History e.g. diet, sleep, stress, exercise, lifestyle, etc.
Review of Previous Medical Records
Full Physical Exam
Comprehensive Lab Analysis
Personalized Treatment Plan

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